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Suggested topics MRRS-2014

  • Electromagnetic fields and guided waves
  • Antenna theory and techniques
  • Scattering and RCS
  • Polarimetric and Doppler techniques
  • Signal processing
  • Primary and secondary radar systems
  • Passive radar systems
  • MIMO systems
  • Millimeter and sub-millimeter wave systems
  • Ultra-wideband and noise radar
  • Target classification and identification
  • Airborne and spaceborne surveillance systems
  • Remote sensing of land
  • Weather radar and Meteorological phenomena identification
  • Remote sensing of the atmosphere
  • Biomedical applications
  • Data and image processing and representation
  • Acoustic and radio-acoustic systems
  • Education in microwaves, radar and remote sensing
  • Math Modeling and Simulation
  • Statistical signal and data processing
  • Polarimetric antenna measurements
  • Analog and digital components of radar and electronic systems